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How will I know when my order has been placed on your website?

You will receive an email with the order number shortly after placing the transaction. You can prove that you placed an order on our website in this method.

What time frame will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order will be processed in 4-5 business days (for Indian orders) and 10-15 business days (for orders from outside (India). We will notify you immediately if we need extended time for a specific item.

How will I know that you have received my payments?

An email containing your order number and a confirmation that we have received your payments will be sent to you.

Can I make a bank transfer as payment? Where can I find your bank account information?

You can pay through a bank transfer, of course. You will receive an email when you select bank transfer as your payment method.

Do I have to worry about my bank account number and credit card number being stolen?

The SSL protocol is used to accept credit card information. This guarantees that the data is encrypted before transmission. All transactions are powered by scripts that can safely process credit card transactions.

What should I do if I don't like a product before returning it?

After 48 hours of receiving the merchandise, kindly let us know if you need to return it. You can phone or email us to let us know the same thing.

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